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Game Date, Site, and Start Time Changes

Below are a list of changes and updates to the seasonal schedule packet that was sent home.  Please note that this site is for your convenience and will be updated as time allows.  In the case of inclement weather or emergency, cancellations can often occur at the end of the school day.  Athletes will be informed of the change by their coach and will be given time to communicate it home.  When changes are listed, they will be displayed with the date that the update to this site was logged, the original date/time/site, and the new date/time/site.

For the most up-to-date version of any schedule, navigate to the Sportspak website by clicking the image above ↑ or by searching for “Section 8 Sportspak Online”.  Once there, follow the steps listed below:

Click on “Schedules”








Select the sport and the time period that you want to view.  Use the following guide to select the correct school from the dropdown menu:

Wisdom 7 White: 7th Grade Team

Wisdom 8 Red: 8th Grade Team

Wisdom Blue OR Wisdom Lane Middle School: A 7th & 8th Grade Combined Team.  These sport may be listed under either school code, so please try both.






Click display to view your schedule.



Fall, 2019 Schedule Updates

  • 10/10/19:  Girls Soccer 7 @ Plainedge will now be played at East Plain Elementary School, not Plainedge Middle School

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