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Athletic Registration F.A.Q.

How do I register my son/daughter for a sport?

All athletic registrations are handled through the online platform of FamilyID.  The link can be found under the “Parent Resources” tab of the Wisdom Lane Homepage.  You may also click the following link:

Once there, all you have to do is select the appropriate season/sport and create a profile for any child(ren) you wish to register.  It should be noted that if a current season is not visible, the registration window for that season has closed.  If a season is visible but you cannot click on the registration link, that season has not yet opened.  New York State Law will not allow athletic registrations to take place more than thirty days prior to the first day of the season.

I registered my son/daughter on FamilyID.  Is he/she cleared to participate?

No.  Your child is REGISTERED, not CLEARED.  Once submitted, the School Nurse’s Office will be alerted to your child’s registration.  The office will then check the validity of his or her physical on file in order to grant final clearance.  This process typically takes a day or so during the school year, depending on how busy the office is at a particular time.  If your child is NOT cleared, you will receive an email stating this as well as the reason(s) for denial.

I did not register my son/daughter for a sports season and it has already begun.  Am I too late?

Registration for each season will be open for approximately thirty days.  In order to provide the same opportunity to all students, once that time period has ended the Athletic Department will not unilaterally make the determination to reopen it.

How will registration dates for athletic seasons be communicated from the school?

The registration dates for each season will be posted on FamilyID once the starting dates are released by BOCES.  It will look like this:

Full registration for the Winter I Season is open from October 15 to November 13 in the above example.  The season itself runs from November 12 through January 18 as shown under the “Dates” column.  When registration opens for a season, you will receive a  connect-ed message informing you what sports are available, the starting and ending dates of the registration period, and the first day of practice/try-outs.  The contents of this connect-ed will then run during the in-school morning and afternoon announcements for the duration of the registration period.  Additionally, the connect-ed will be resent approximately ten days prior to the start of the season.

FamilyID says that registration is closed or pending.  What does that mean?

If a sport is listed as “Closed”, the time period for its registration has passed and the season has begun.  The Athletic Department will not unilaterally decide to open a sport whose registration has closed.  A label of “Pending” means that registration for a season has not yet opened.  New York State Law will not allow registrations more than thirty days prior to the start of any season.

Can my 6th grader participate in after-school athletics?

No.  New York State Law only allows 7th and 8th grade students to participate in Middle School (Modified) Athletics.

I have a question about FamilyID registration.  Where can I get help?

The best and fastest place to get help is to contact FamilyID directly be emailing [email protected] or calling 1-781-205-2800.

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