Letts, Christopher

Game/Practice Schedule F.A.Q.


When will schedule packets be distributed?  What is included in the packet?

Schedule packets will be distributed as soon as we can be reasonably certain that all game changes have been made for a particular season.  Typically, this will be approximately one week before the start of games.  Included in the packet you will find schedules for all teams, a team/individual picture order form, and addresses to each away site on the schedule.

How do I read the schedule packet?  What does “Alternate Site” mean?

All games will be played at the HOME team’s school unless an alternate site is listed on the schedule. For example:

Will be played at Wisdom Lane,

Will be played at Wantagh Middle School,

Will be played at Wantagh Middle School but at the Forest Lake site.


How will I be notified if a game is rescheduled or the time of a practice changes?

All in-season updates including but not limited to schedule changes, site changes, practice times, and picture days will be communicated DIRECTLY TO THE ATHLETES on each team.  Athletes will then be responsible for relaying the information home.

How often and where will practices be held?

All teams will practice after school from Monday through Friday.  Saturdays practices are scheduled per sport and depend upon  building availability.  All athletes have made a commitment to their teams and are expected to be there.  Attendance at practice is mandatory.

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