Letts, Christopher

Injury and Medical Eligibility F.A.Q.



My son/daughter was injured and out of sports for a period of time.  Does he/she need a note to return?

If the original note from your doctor stated a SPECIFIC period of time that your son/daughter had to sit out for (ie. ten days), then no.  If the original note was written “Until further notice” or “Until reevaluated”, then you WILL be required to submit a clearance note form the doctor.  Please be aware that all clearances are at the discretion of the School Nurse’s Office.

My son/daughter is absent from school.  Can he/she still attend today’s game/practice?

No.  If a student is absent from school, he or she may not participate in interscholastic athletics.

What is the Concussion Return to Play protocol?

An athlete who is cleared to return from a concussion is NOT cleared to immediately return to action.  He or she is cleared to begin the “Return to Play” which is a New York State mandated process whose intent is to ensure that athletes returning from a concussion are ready to safely compete in interscholastic sports.  It is comprised of four days of increasingly vigorous athletic activity that is closely monitored by the school’s athletic trainer.  If no symptoms reappear, the athlete will be cleared to play in game competition on the fifth day.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL AN ATHLETE BE ALLOWED TO RETURN FROM A CONCUSSION WITHOUT SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETING THIS PROCESS.

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