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General Athletics F.A.Q.



What are the starting and ending dates of the four seasons?

All season dates are provided by BOCES.  When available, a complete listing of season dates as well as the sports offerings will be posted on the “Season Dates, Registration Periods, and Sports Offerings” page of this site.

Where should my son/daughter keep his/her belongings during practice?

All athletes should keep their personal belongings locked in their lockers during games and practices.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ATHLETE TO MAKE SURE THAT HIS/HER BELONGINGS ARE LOCKED AWAY SECURELY.

Can I take my son/daughter home directly from a game?

For attendance and security purposes, students should be returning from away games on the team bus.  In the case of extenuating circumstances, a note should be provided to the Athletic Director’s Office stating that you would like to take your son/daughter directly home from the game BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY of the above mentioned game.  Please DO NOT take your child from the field/gym without checking in with the coach so he/she can make sure that all athletes are accounted for.  Under no circumstances should you remove your child from a game without notifying the coach first.  Additionally, you may ONLY take YOUR own child home with you.

Will I need to purchase equipment for the upcoming season?

Except in the case of helmets and cleats/footwear, the purchasing of equipment based on fit or brand preference is optional .  It is NOT required.  If you choose to purchase your own equipment, please keep in mind that all hard-shell pieces must have the NOCSAE stamp in order to be eligible for use.  Additionally, it is Levittown’s District Policy that all students must wear District provided helmets.

My son/daughter has a game on the same day as a school concert.  What should he/she do?

The music department is made aware of any conflicts between concerts and game schedules.  Your son/daughter should inform the teacher of the game so the teacher is aware that he/she may arrive slightly late.  It is suggested that your son/daughter bring his/her concert attire to school on the day of the game so he/she may change in the locker room after the game if necessary.

My child is serving an after-school detention or in/out-of-school suspension.  Can he/she still participate in athletics?

No.  Any student serving an after-school detention or in/out-of-school suspension MAY NOT attend after-school athletics on the day that the punishment is served.

How will my son/daughter get home after practices and games?

It is the responsibility of parents to make any arrangements necessary to have their child picked up from school after games and practices.  Late busses are available at 4PM and 4:45PM Monday-Friday.

How will uniforms be collected?

Whenever possible, all uniforms will be collected immediately following the last game of the season.  If this does not occur or your son/daughter is absent from the last game, it is his/her responsibility to hand it in within two days of returning to school.

Who decides the position that my son/daughter will be playing?

All positional decisions are made by the coach and are based on the needs of the team as it is currently constructed.


What is the process for students who are asked to compete at the Varsity Level?

The following are Levittown’s procedures for implementing the New York State Advanced Placement Process as listed in the DISTRICT ATHLETIC HANDBOOK.  Please take note that the process must be initiated by the Varsity Coach well in advance of the upcoming season.

“In order to bypass a middle school experience, the particular athlete must be a very gifted individual as determined by our high school coaching staff. In most cases, this evaluation would be based on the athlete’s performance level in our middle school program as a 7th grader. Please be advised that it is a rare occurrence that an athlete is approved to skip the 8th grade experience to play in a high school program. In addition to athletic ability, the social and emotional maturity of each student athlete is carefully assessed along with the student’s behavioral and academic profile. It is the responsibility of the parent, not the school district, to provide transportation each day.

1. The Varsity Coach identifies an athlete to potentially be moved up. The process cannot be initiated by the parent.

2. Varsity coach sees the athlete play in person.

3. Varsity coach communicates their desire to High School Athletic Director.

4. Varsity coach or High School Athletic Director contacts the Middle School Athletic Director.

5. Middle School Athletic Director speaks with Middle School Coach and Principal to identify any

potential issues that would need to be addressed relative to the particular student athlete.

6. High School Athletic Director gives final confirmation to Middle School Athletic Director

7. Parents are contacted by Varsity Head coach.

8. If permission is granted by parents, Varsity coach notifies Middle School Athletic Director.

9. APP paperwork and sports application form are sent home by Middle School.

10. School Doctor performs maturation exam.

11. Physical Tests administered (running/swimming test may be administered at the High School).

12. APP packet sent to District Athletic Director.

13. If transportation is needed the parents are responsible for providing all transportation necessary.

It is the responsibility of the athlete and parent to make certain that the physical examination and maturity evaluation by the school physician and the athletic performance test by the authorized physical education teacher are completed by the middle of June for fall sports participation eligibility, Authorized staff members will not be available for the administration of performance tests during summer vacation. Therefore, an athlete who does not complete this process as defined above will not be eligible to participate in tryouts for a high school sport beginning in August.”

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